Re: Harmonic performance - SSB vs CW

Timothy Fidler

Kiss principle is good minimum changes  because you don't know how many V4 version boards A Farhan has on the shelf. .  Give away 15 m as a concept.  One reason being that $35 USD transverter boards for  144Mhz exist.  The only work for 10 mtr  IO.  Thus 15m gets the chop.

NB the -38 Db noted on that specific  30m filter is no so much of a worry. The Japanese guy was driving 2x2 RDHH16 in parallel to get 50W out (so he said).  He should have expected 35W maximum for reasonable harmonics level. Hence harmonic production would have been much worse than a safe design. What his test set up was and calib. aspects I have no idea.


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Re: [BITX20] Harmonic performance - SSB vs CW

Thanks Tim.

I will Implement the diode switching to reduce IO ports required.. or even go i2c bus? hmm...

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