Re: Harmonic performance - SSB vs CW

Timothy Fidler

Proposed filter switching fr the rework.

BEfore everyone rushes off into filter relay config as in electrical this one can do 80m,  40 (10 with changes) and 20-30m. And all on three outputs because of the cunning diode "Or.  Moreover it shorts the unused filter to GND (except for the 20-30 one) as per AJP suggestions . This of course is a LPF design and the power level at 50W and therefore input Z is not correct for uBit X use.  
Not beyond the wit of man /or women ! to fix that. What is really cunning is that the design is zero load when used on the 20m daylight service,  ie out and about on a battery.  "It's got a Cop motor before unleaded so it runs good on regular gas ....".  Perhaps worthy of consideration though all the relay select firmware has to change.  You lose 15 m tx but still need only three o/p as before . what the heck...I kept this on file for a rainy day.   Allison .. am I forgiven..? please. No metric fishing...from now on.

Personally I dislike the the idea of zero means a valid state from an electrical Pof View.. ie wire falls off . no fault occurs but a logic state changes . But on a PCB it seems acceptable.

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