Re: 3,2: Nextion Display

Terence Taylor

Thanks so much! I totally missed that (old age and fatigue!). Flipped and recompiled and all is good, so far. Now on to getting the S-Meter working.

On 8/6/2018 6:26 AM, @OldEngineer wrote:
I am certainly not an expert but stand taller when I am on the shoulders of others!  Recently trying to find out how to "expand" the display to make use of my 4.2" I believe I may have your answer.  With your current file loaded into the Nextion Editor select the Device ID tab on the top.  That will pull up the list of devices supported, most likely with your highlighted as well as the Basic and Enhanced buttons.  On the left side you will see DISPLAY.  Click on that and you can select one of the four possible orientations.  Close that menu and back at the top find the Compile button, click that.  Then in the very top menu select File, Open Build Folder and you will find the edited .tft file to install in your display.  Hope you find this correct, let me know.

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