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Bill Cromwell

Hi Walt,

From what I have seen in these threads about spurs, harmonics, and (lack of) filtering the troublesome unintended 'signals' are just about at the legal limit and slightly over. Over is over. Unacceptable. The way I use my radio I think the trash can be sufficiently cleaned up for 'safe', responsible use. It would be much better if that cleanup took place inside the radio and by design. It is too late for that. Later I might do some of my own investigation and attempt to correct the deficiencies. Maybe just follow what somebody else comes up with. But please don't hold your breath. I have other irons in the fire:)

I haven't modded mine at all yet and none of the mods for 'more power' is on my agenda. I like some of the features available in the CEC software. And something *must* be done about that million decibel side tone. OMG. I cracked a shop window with that thing!

I have other gear and will be buying more. Hans Summers's QCX and some other toys from his shop are on my hit list. If uBitx hadn't shown up in my world I would already be using some of those. When I decided to buy the uBitx first it was not a rejection of the QCX:) Those are next.


Bill KU8H

Michigan QRP Club

On 08/06/2018 09:45 AM, WaltR wrote:
Thanks Bill,

I, as many others enjoyed assembling the bitx40 and the ubitx, for my
purposes, dragging around a bag full of outboard filters and other
accessories will not work. Perhaps to some degree I am spoiled by having
access to high end gear, but I am aware that it’s not prudent to compare
a Harris to a ubitx. I wish not to besmirch Harris by putting the ubitx
in the same sentence.

my understanding is the bitx was designed and built as a kit for those
that wish to assemble, experiment, dabble in Arduino sketches etc, and
by the number that have been sold obviously has a large following.
There is a need for a simple solid rig that doesn’t require a lot of
fiddling about, and is reasonably priced and meets regulatory criteria.

There should be some warning or reminder that if you plan on doing any
modifying or hacking that you should ensure that you don’t produce any
transmitted products that may interfere with other services, especially
any that might fall in the spectrum allocated to government agencies and
services, as well as commercial, and international interests. You might
get away with it in the ham bands but you certainly won’t if you cause
superfluous transmissions in other spectrum allocations.

Buy filters, there are some great little devices available at QRP LABS.

Cheers and 73


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