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I know it is off topic but I used a DG8SAQ VNWA  for the duplexers.

Depends on whether they are pass. reject or a mixture of these, on how you proceed

SA &  tracking gen is easier but five or more times expensive.

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yup --- agreed.   Need to have a pair of hemostats or something to protect the center insulation.   But somehow I did it as a teenager causue heathkit used those a lot.   

we seem to have a lot of hams today who aren't even up to the level of heathkit assemblers, and it is good to improve onthat!!!!

this forum has taught me a ton...

I saw the price of a Rigol 700....I might be able to swing it....   the 800 's seem to have the tracking generator but then the price is $500 higher..... is it worth it?    Or can I somehow use a si5351 below 100 MHz?

I am getting a little unit that is supposed to let me tune duplexers ($100 cheapie system from china)


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I have a 1k spool of it...  Doesn't mean I expect others less experienced to find it easy.
For some it might be the first time.  


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