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iz oos

I wired my first bad copy of a bad copy 1:49 transformer. I have to say that I am puzzled. I used a high permeability NiZn core. Measured inductance without the capacitor is less than 8uH, and 380uH at the secondary. Please I would be interested in knowing these values of a good copy. Then I installed a 100pF high voltage capacitor at the primary and then I measured swr of  with the antenna analyzer without any load. Surprisingly the SWR was between 3.5 to 7 across the ham bands. All other transmission line transformers I had previously built show infinite or not measurable SWR as it should be. What are the SWR values you find in your good copy without any load?

Il 04/ago/2018 16:33, "ajparent1/KB1GMX" <kb1gmx@...> ha scritto:
Iz oos,

TLTs can be made with low loss.    However making a matched set may be harder
as they have to have the exact same phase response.

Also the 1:9 is 450 ohms  (50*9).


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