Re: One question only...

Arv Evans


The answer may be "maybe".  Original design provides limited SSB levels due to the
fixed gain microphone amplifier and a standard microphone.  Using an antenna tuner
between uBITX and antenna helps to lower the level of any harmonics or spurious
outputs.  Given that, we then have to rely on the measurement gurus with their
extensive test equipment to tell us if it meets US FCC specifications.  Unfortunately
this will be difficult because they are busy working on modified uBITX systems and
not on basic out-of-the-box boards. 


On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 10:48 PM Brian L. Davis <brianldavis@...> wrote:
The bottom line question is simply, is this a legal radio or not!
Yes or No?
Which is it?
I appreciate all the technical and intellectual discourse but the bottom line is, IS IT LEGAL OR NOT?
The average HAM wants to buy the unit and put it on the air.  Can that be done without major modifications?
If it can, then nothing is changed and we go on trying to modify or improve.
If it can't, then we need to abandon the project and move on.
So, which is it?
Can I use this radio or not?

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