Re: One question only...

Kees T

I personally don't think there is a problem at all with the existing STOCK uBITX design, or any of the BITX Transceivers, as they have been thoroughly tested by Farhan and others. This is especially the case since they come with the board basically assembled.

If you are concerned and that makes you nervous, I would think someone in your Ham club has access to a Spectrum Analyzer and knows how to use it.  If you just want to be safe, just add a switchable Low Pass Filter (LPF) to the 5-10W output for the frequencies you are going to use.....can't hurt, unless you forget to switch it to the correct band. W8DIZ used to offer a kit and I'm sure there are others out there now.

.....Now for those of you who are trying squeeze more power out of the stock RF PA unit through "various means" are on your own to control emissions.

73 Kees K5BCQ

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