Re: One question only...

Lawrence Macionski <am_fm_radio@...>

Hi All-
Since very few of us have spectrum analyzers, there are ways to reasonably verify you're transmit signal will slip under the "illegal" problem. My first and last OO notice came in 1966 - I was driving my 6V6 single tube CW transmitter tuned via a #47 pilot lamp and received a notice my 2nd harmonic was being heard 90 miles away. (7154 x 2= 14308) I found tuning my pi-network, I could easily reduce a lot of 2nd harmonics just by backing off a few watts. I wound up homebrewing an antenna tuner and all my problems were gone.. A telephone, a buddy and his receiver 2 miles away confirmed it. An antenna tuner at the transmitter is good for harmonic suppression.

Don't forget that wattmeter.. even with a dummy load will show all kinds of power output - clean or dirty...Remember that Backing down a few watts, will never be heard on the other end of a QSO and can render a cleaner signal. If your going to strive for more power strive for a clean signal as well..

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