Re: One question only...

Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

Low pass filters $4.60 ea if necessary ( I have one to use a bitx40 on 80) 

Likely some simple series tuned  filter would add enough additional dB all by itself.  Variable cap, single section , tune most bands with one circuit.    This is ham radio....


On Aug 5, 2018, at 09:20, "davedt1e@..." <davedt1e@...> wrote:

To the best of my knowledge, the Ubitx is legal if built stock without mods.  In particular ... mods boosting Mic gain on frequencies above 20 meters may cause spurs.  So even with mods, you've still got a legal 20, 40 and 80 meter radio.  Still one heck of a deal for the price.

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