Re: Bitx40v3 CAT Control firmware?

Bill Cromwell

Hi =Vic=

It's much the same as VOX or semi-break-in or full QSK. It's a personal requirement driven by personal preferences. In my experience each and every ham is at least a little bit different from every other. Some of the differences are quite a contrast! I don't use CAT because none of my radios have ever cooperated with a computer but now I have one that will. I will eventually get around to trying it. Maybe I will discover that I can't live without CAT :) I tried FT-8 and rejected it out of hand. But I also tried CW and I still like it:) I even enjoy SSB and PSK-31 of all strange things. Have =you= tried CAT? If you did then you will be able to tell us why you do or do not like it:) The rest of us are on our recognizance.


Bill KU8H

On 08/05/2018 06:17 AM, Vic WA4THR via Groups.Io wrote:
Just curious why CAT control is seen as a requirement, When I started
with PSK31 I was using an older rig and the only connection to a
computer was via a SignaLink that provided audio in/out and PTT derived
from a VOX circuit in the SignaLink. Others keyed the rig with some
other output line from the computer off a serial port. Almost all the
digital modes (save RTTY) were on "fixed" frequencies with tuning done
by just varying the tones supplied/received in the audio passband of
that frequency. Logging was easy since the frequency never changed. So
what is the value of CAT control?

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