Re: ubitx and case for sale

Timothy Fidler

sorry forgotten your  name .. RIck I think - 

NB I have done some calcs on that coil that A Farhan describes (Many years back) and it comes in at 10.4 uH which is way off where he/you  wants to be for a VFO for a 2.8 to 3 Mhz VFO for 7 Mhz for a 10 Meg IF.  Bear in mind you need to plan on 12 Meg IF filter for the uBitx

If you wish to pursue the option of an analogue Oscillator  to reduce the complexity to start with please contact me but for starters  if you want to do any experimentation you HAVE to have a frequency meter good for at least 10 Mhz and better good to 30 MHz. as per one I gave you vendor and price on.  There are better Air variables still available than the one he called up.  I know where they are advertised in US -  I had a look with respect to buying some for a 100W Z match tuner. You are far better of with an air variable than a voltage tuned varicap diode  which will move around with temperature and self heating,  so dial markings will mean nothing...

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