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Marc Jones

I think a lot of you are missing the point with the BITX radios , They are basically a kit radio, And are sold as such , They are for experimentation and hack-ability and as such , Experimentation and Modifications are part of the Bitx Experiance .... They are never going to match any of the major radios by the well known manufacturers ... If people are after such performance then there are plenty of top end radios out there .... I person like the challenge of modding  the little BITX radios ,  For the price of these little Radios you'd be hard pressed to buy a decent  commercial power supply ... Let alone a full HF radio such as the Micro-Bitx , Yes it has issues, Yes it's never going to be a TS-990 or IC-7800 etc.
.... But it's a radio you can get inside, Modify, Tweak, Butcher if need be, All in an attempt to make it more personal to you , And challenging to try to get the best from it ........... It's Fun to use, And cheap as Apple pie .

Regards de


On Sun, 5 Aug 2018 at 5:48, Brian L. Davis
<brianldavis@...> wrote:
The bottom line question is simply, is this a legal radio or not!
Yes or No?
Which is it?
I appreciate all the technical and intellectual discourse but the bottom line is, IS IT LEGAL OR NOT?
The average HAM wants to buy the unit and put it on the air.  Can that be done without major modifications?
If it can, then nothing is changed and we go on trying to modify or improve.
If it can't, then we need to abandon the project and move on.
So, which is it?
Can I use this radio or not?

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