Re: One question only...

Jerry Gaffke

Depends in part on stuff like how much gain the 2n3904's in the 45mhz IF have,
where RV1 is set, how sensitive the mike is.
Those that don't meet spec on some bands and/or modes don't miss it by all that much.
Some users will note that at 5 or 10 watts, it's got weaker obnoxious emissions
than rigs with 100 watts or more that meet spec. 

It should be better.


On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 09:47 PM, Brian L. Davis wrote:
The bottom line question is simply, is this a legal radio or not!
Yes or No?
Which is it?
I appreciate all the technical and intellectual discourse but the bottom line is, IS IT LEGAL OR NOT?
The average HAM wants to buy the unit and put it on the air.  Can that be done without major modifications?
If it can, then nothing is changed and we go on trying to modify or improve.
If it can't, then we need to abandon the project and move on.
So, which is it?
Can I use this radio or not?

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