Re: Bitx40v3 CAT Control firmware?


Just take the uBitX software and hack it up accordingly into the BitX40.....

On Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 12:34 PM, Sean W7SKD <sean.jrdalys@...> wrote:
I have a Bitx40v3 that hasnt been getting much use since I got my ubitx.  I have been thinking about using it for digital modes, but before I do, I need to get firmware on it that will support CAT control.

The ideal situation would be if there was firmware to be found that supported CAT on the USB interface the same way as Ian Lee's CEC firmware for the ubitx.  I have poked around and read through a few of the versions on github and havent found it, there a version of Bitx40v3 firmware out there that supports CAT on the USB interface?

I am a programmer, so I COULD hack together something of a mashup of the bitx40 and ubitx (cec) if it came to it, but looking to see if someone has already done so



Paul Mateer, AA9GG
Elan Engineering Corp.
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