Re: UBITX repair

Timothy Fidler

Me foolish . 

The facts the STD TDA 7622 can take 13.8 / 14 V .. above 15V there is a problem.  This guy hopefully started up his PCB on near 12V. The TDA blew.  it was likely as shtty Chino knock off of the proper ST design. I knew about the issue (you will find and earlier post from me on matter if YOU LOOKED ??) but it still raises the question.. Did the Factory power up the board and functionally check it or not ? It is highly suspect that even if they powered it up at 14V ie within voltage spec the part would have blown. As for your rather snotty reply even though you provided data quickly on the pre driver .. if you want info on the 14 W output  CL-A  mod set you can go to hell.  I will provide that only to the OP if he emails it to me or anyone else but not you. TEF

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