Re: Harmonic performance - SSB vs CW

Warren Allgyer

Correction -- My unit is not illegal on all bands. Spectrum Analyzer output for each band can be found in the Photos section at Here is the summary:

80 meters - SSB: OK   CW: No
60 meters - SSB: No   CW: No
40 meters - SSB: No   CW: No
30 meters - SSB: No   CW: No
20 meters - SSB: OK   CW: No
17 meters - SSB: OK   CW: OK
15 meters - SSB: OK   CW: OK
12 meters - SSB: OK   CW: OK
10 meters - SSB: OK   CW: OK

These measurements are for a sample of one. All measurements were made at 2 watts for consistency and to avoid any overload or clipping issues. This does not mean YOUR unit is illegal! I have no way of knowing how consistent this problem is...... I suspect it is the same with all units but it is your responsibility to operate legally and there is good reason to believe if you are using one of the "No" modes above, you might be missing that bar.


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