Re: any tips for debugging RFI issue? #ubitx-help

Mike KK7ER


Thanks so much!  This is very, very helpful!  You have given me a lot of homework.  I will try the following and report back.
  1. Install air choke at matchbox (20ft RG8X wrapped tightly around a plastic jar).
  2. Attach counterpoise wire to ground lug of matchbox (I wonder why you specified 16.5ft.  My math gives 17.5ft for 1/4 wave at 14074 KHz.  I'll start with 17.5 and trim back).  I'll leave the counterpoise dangling to start and then find a way to hide it.
  3. Disassemble the uBITX and grind off the paint around the standoff and antenna holes and reassemble (no star washers in my junk box).
I'll leave the counterpoise-on-radio and antenna mods (shorten wire length to match table or use new matchbox  with longer wire) for phase two.

73 Mike KK7ER

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