Re: Tinny sounding electric miss on uBitx

Timothy Fidler

Sorry . brain fade.. invert the answer. Jack clearly had to set the BFO way Low to select USB so it would pass the Cohn filter which appears to have its passband low on 12.0000 but the issue still remains.. does the uBitx work correctly on a frequency that uses LSB such as 40m. I would guess not unless the firmware was utterly bullet proof Mil Spec. Re comment on LEon.. He may refuse the work as he deals only with 10 Meg IFs on the kits he sells. AND you would need to put the squeeze on someone you know with a a Hot air chip removal station forĀ  SMD to remove all the affected crystals if the kit refuses to work properly on both sides of the IF. sometimes you may have to put up with something with limited functionality than the worst case outcome....

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