Re: Tinny sounding electric miss on uBitx

Timothy Fidler

Jack it is not a problem - it's  FEATURE ! But if you were setting this up on a system which has to swap USB/LSB between 40 m and 20m, which yours will since you are uBitx ..  I suggest you need to check it  works on USB after you have done the cludge ie on 20m as it is clear to me you are talking LSB operation and thusly 40 or 80 for your fix.. I kind of see probos ahead,  unless the firmware is incredibly smart.  

Let's face it though at the price it sells for the Cohn filter sets are not going to all be exactly on 12.0000 Mhz.  If you talk nicely to Leon at Ozqrp and offer him what he wants for matching and ship him say 12 HC 49U full hght xtals for matching you might be able to correct the problem.  But you need to get an indep and traceable calibration frequ counter on the BFO and get a second opinion as to if it is the BFO or the xtal filter set... just my tuppence worth....

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Thu, 02 Aug 2018 15:08:57 -0700
Re: [BITX20] Tinny sounding electric miss on uBitx

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone involved.  My BFO was set to 11.995.250.  If I went 1 kHz away people were loud by tinny.  If I went on frequency, they were soft but sounded right.  I set it to 11.996.100 and everything sounds wonderful!


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