Re: ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

Richard Spohn

Nick, would like to obtain 2-3 of your AGC PCB boards. If you are
planning a kit with parts, I can wait for that too. - Rich WB2GXM

On 8/1/18, Nick VK4PLN <> wrote:
On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 06:36 AM, Kees T wrote:

I'm going to quit and pass the torch to someone else. Order rates have
dropped off some, so maybe everyone who wanted a mini-kit has one ??
HI Kees K5BCQ,  Don, ND6T
Would it be OK for me to use this design to produce and supply blank boards
to the ubitx community? I will do these at cost price...

73 Nick VK4PLN

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