Re: End Fed antennas w/ uBITX #ubitx

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>


I'd ague against more than an octave for another reason, pattern. 
That and for 12, 10M and 6M up antennas get small enough there are a
a whole other set possible improvements.     I'd think if one can get a
monster wire up then several smaller antennas are possible.  A 
dipole for 6M in wire is maybe 115 inches, no excuses there.

Most do all wires tend to be among the greatest compromises.

FYI even though I have a LNR- quad (40/20/15/10) I don't use it on 15 or 10.
Its the goto for 40 and 20.   The K6STI loop on 10 is way better.  A larger
scaled version for 15 is very good.  I used a 6M scaled version in a tall oak
for FD and worked a lot stuff and had a 3 element beam to compare to.
Beam was better only when pointed that way.   Rest of the bands
(not VHF) if I want to work them I put up a monoband wire using
one favorite tree with a lanyard in it, poles, or green mil aluminum
pipe as a temporary tower.

Goes back to the first statement, pattern, you have to hear them first.


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