Re: any tips for debugging RFI issue? #ubitx-help

ajparent1/KB1GMX <kb1gmx@...>

Mike KK7ER,

What form of end fed 1:9 with random wire very bad without counterpoise.
Or resonant half wave (swr under 1.7:1).  FYI if not low at the desired frequency
read the manual and tune it.

FYI: a dipole without a balun or with one and a bad coax routing has RF on the coax
and off center fed is pretty bad too.

Most vertical with out a choke at the entrance are pretty bad as well. A Butternut
HF2V was the only antenna that gave me bites despite 8 radials.  The fix a 
length of LMR240 with about 50 FT50-43 toroids. before it cam into the house
and grounding the sheild.

Solutions, one is a choke balun (air or ferrite) at the shack entrance and also ground it there.
The other is load up all the wire you suggest has RF on it with ferrite.

Then again I ran into that with someone and moving the antenna (he was
literally less than 10ft under it). Didn't help that the coax used had broken off ground
in the connector too.

Insure the lead from the board to the coax connector really has the ground lead to
ground and not swapped.  You laugh...

More than like if the picture is correct... The wires hanging out of it could be as much the cause.

Power supply leads can be an path in.


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