Re: Ubitx will be here tomorrow. Any suggestions for a Bitx newbie #ubitx


Add in 6b : modify the raduino vanilla software to use kd8cec memory manager and get the settings -so you can put these settings in your other nano with the kd8cec software neesing very few calibration.

to do that :
1-load official raduino sources v4.3
look at it and apply the mod shown on kd8cec site to use memory manager with original firmware (add Memory CAT communication kd8cec compatible -take care the published file is for v3 raduino, on v4 sketch the « case » instruction Is used In places of multiples « if » but you can use the same logic (i will send you the file after returning from hollyday this sunday -but if you know arduino prog it’s easy)
2-apply it on your vanilla nano (working nice, well calibrated)
3-run kd8cec memory manager and retrieve memory data from your board
4-save the datas (write or print the main values -calibration, bfo...)
5-program your New nano with kd8cec firmware and preset the values previously found (it’s perhaps not perfect but might not be totally off-calibration is a true problem, i ve not seen a nice process to do it)
TAKE care the pins on the nano might be reversed (the ch340 on the uper side), I ve  put them in order to be able to insert the nano on 1 side or the other
i hope i m Clear enough (not so easy on a smartphone)

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