Re: experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx

Dave New, N8SBE

I found out that the MH3 mike that came with my KX2 works peachy plugged into the 3.5mm PTT/MIC jack.  No wiring, no fuss.  The up/down buttons, of course, don't work (they cause PTT), but otherwise, I won't have to come up with an adapter for anything.

So far, using my Picokeyer plugged in to the CW jack, and my Bulldog paddle for CW.  Works peachy, too.

Showed it off at the Detroit Maker Faire (special event station N8M) this past weekend, and it drew a lot of positive comments and questions.  Mine is dark green, and the green LCD sets it off nicely.  Left the lid off so everyone could see how it went together.

I'll be at the MI QRP club picnic this Saturday (1000 to 1400 ET), and running CW/SSB on likely 40 and 20 meters, using my Super Antenna on the picnic table with tuned counterpoise wires.


-- Dave, N8SBE

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx
From: "Eddie Esserman" <ee@...>
Date: Wed, August 01, 2018 11:35 pm

Thanks Ian at ? for email.
Making good progress.  Don't think I will be using the digital connections on the back panel, but putting in the board.  Also switching from the panel.
Rest seems pretty well being resolved.  Need to find a good picture of the relay for the TX/RX LED connection.
And wiring the mic connector.  I'll learn Arduino on an easier board.  My first experience, and this is in place and seems to work.  That's another lesson.


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