Re: Ubitx will be here tomorrow. Any suggestions for a Bitx newbie #ubitx

Bill Cromwell

Hi there..

do step 3 before step 2. Install that resistor first. Then apply power.

4. The software is already 'loaded'.

After you install in a case you will have left me behind. I am not interested in touch screens, etc. Enjoy your new radio:)


Bill KU8H

On 08/02/2018 01:38 PM, Truffies wrote:
I just received my ubitx building this weekend on cardboard to see if works.

Questions on steps

1. build on cardboard
2. power
3 place 4.7k in key jack
4 ? do you need to load software?
5. Final listern test to see bands turning rec.
6. Test in dumb load transmit
7. OK build into a case
8. now ready to modify - AGC
9. LCD touch screen add software first to use screen?
(load hex and how to do in steps please where to find) dumb all new to me

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for a Bitx newbie #ubitx

ITs been said but I will repeat.

Build it first and test. Insure you have the 4.7K in place on the
key jack. Double check wiring.

If you are bench testing before boxing it. Use care to avoid
accidental shorts or wires touching
the wrong thing and outside events like ESD (carpet static!). One
example seen was taped to
a piece of card board to keep everything from moving around, worked
well too.

Use 13.8 volts for testing as its likely a V4 board (discrete
transistor audio amp).

If all goes well you may want mods and to pick out what your box is
to look like.

Good luck!


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