Re: ubitx and case for sale

Timothy Fidler

I am not interested in purchase but if you do sell and want to stay in the hobby , without much more money you could buy a CS  SSB transceiver from

He has an agent in Nth America.  Unless he forces you to go direct to the US agent  then you can purchase at USD 120, 10 shipping and about $25 assly charge as I am guessing you would not be willing to assemble and test because of risk of it not working and then your getting stuck.   THIS is a MONO band transmitter and it is blind. you know you are in band because it it DDS controlled , ie a local oscillator from a quartz time based  but unless you build yourself a marker generator you don't know where exactly you are (you can however put a calibration cheat around the dial). These use a generic IRF 530 Mosfet as the final  so if the final blows you can replace it for around $1.50 or so. It is theoretically possible to convert this transceiver so it can do CW as well though it would give the internal relays a  bit of a hammering. You may never want CW.   The other option is another monobander from OzQRP  which is Run by Leon in Canberra area.  He sells a sort of Bitx .. all anlogue and you can either make your own VFO or use his CVS I think he calls it.. which sells for USD 45 equivalent and is a very slick looking unit with a multiline illuminated pixel display doodad.  If you want to roll your own VFO you can use one of  A Farhan's designs .. I will attach a rather sleek one .. you can get the FET from either Rockby electronics in Melbourne  or from Dan's kits and parts in Mo in US.  There are several sources for air variables NOS on the web INcluding ONe I saw in the US for less than $10. Contact me directly for details. What you could do is set yourself the target of getting a VFO going and if that fails go for a  built up transceiver and if you pass then you can buy either  of the above transceivers as a kit...with the OzQRP unit you already have an agricultural VFO going and you need only buy the base transmitter kit sans vfo.  Eventually you will get fed up with the analogue vfo and will buy the CVS and integrate that in  your box. The Farhan design shown needs to be rejigged to tune 2.8 to 3 Mhz so it produces 7 to 7.2 Mhz when subtracted from the IF frequency of 10 Mhz that Ozqrp use. If you treated your tecnician licence study seriously you can do those calcs. It really needs the coil rebuilt as a T50-6 toroid. You can most likely get one of those as a one off from Fred at Far circuits, or you can get it and a few other toroids and semis as a bunch from  the Toroid King in Florida.  The Farhan schematic has a few idiocies. Firstly there is a resistor with a missing value. Anything from 50 to 100 R will work . THere is an electrolytic wit no value , use 10uF and the tapping point on the coil is not show, use 1/3 turns up from the grounded end.  If you are to do any experimentation at all you will need a frequency counter and I have just heard of one that  as  bare unit sounds plausible. 6 digits  eg 14 020 1 Mhz ie down to the 100s of hertz resolution $ 13 USD. Obviously ex PRC.  It will be an extension of the Wolf Buscher design. ..almost for sure.  have a look at     site and good luck with what you try to do. Subs. BFW11 Unavailable . Use 2N xxxx I am dead tired and might muck up and lose this post so contract me direct for trans and FET subs if you are going lto built the VFO.

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