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Ian Reeve

Hi Eddie,


Pics of led wiring and switched pot

I did not use the supplied one as the knob did not fit the spindle but have shown the one as supplied being held.

Wiring looking at the back of the pot:


Top three terminals  Left   green (earth)  Middle orange (feed to audio amp) Right yellow audio in to audio section.

These are the colours used as shown on the instruction wiring sheets.On mine,the connections come from the small pcb supplied and so might confuse.

The two terminals at the back on theblack moulding are the switch and on mine I wired them across the push button on the rear panel which remains in the OFF position,the switch on the pot now switches the rig.


On mine you will see on the switched pot:  left screen (bare) earth

Centre (red) feed to audio amp

Right (white) audio in from receiver section for audio amp.


The two thicker wires wrapped   (red and orange) are the ON/OFF switch terminals on my pot.


The LED connecting three wires as shown in the earlier email,are connected to the led as follows:


In my case white,blue and red


White goes to centre pin of led (earth)

The other two go to the remaining pins via current limiting resistors

On mine I used 1.6K ohms but that value might need increasing as the led is rather bright.


Temporarily wire in the led and when the rig is switched on to receive you want the led green to be on ( in my case the led flat side is the red wire,the round side is the blue wire) to be on in receive.

So if you use my colours and wire as described,it should be green (rx) and red(tx)


Any problems,contact me directly if you wish on ian.radioworkshop@...






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Dear Eddie,


Here are some pics to help you:


Wiring of tx/rx led connections to board

Wiring of USB rear connector- a mini usb plug is inserted into the socket on the Arduino and then wired as shown to the USB socket on the rear panel.

Alternatively a USB mini to standard USB lead could be used and left loose out of the back of the case.


Re the switched pot, please see pictures on my separate email to you







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Hi Eddie,


I just am waiting for my phone to charge up and I will send you a pic of the led wiring and the volume pot wiring.









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Subject: [BITX20] Volume with switch


Anyone got a drawing or picture of the switch on the pot?


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