Re: ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

Timothy Fidler

Bob I know these are non components boards  but I suspect they use the 7822 audio amp. THere was a bleat that some  Chino TDAs were failing. If so I know of two sources for NOS  replacements one out of Oz and one in USA. .. ad we are not talking crusty old Dan in Montana. Email  TEF if this is the case.

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Wed, 01 Aug 2018 18:35:40 -0700
Re: [BITX20] ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

I have 5 of the (VA3NOI)   ND6T AGC boards .  These are Through the Hole boards.

These are Free ---I  only ask that you e-mail me first as there are only five. Just need a self dressed stamped envelope after that.Stateside please.

Small amount so it's a single board only per request.

E-mail is----(W2HK) 

Also wanted to add how much I have enjoyed the Ubitx and the forum.


-- Bob

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