ubitx and case for sale

BobS KE0REM <rshick@...>

As a new technician class ham, I thought the ubitx would be an inexpensive way to get started in the ham hobby.  Unfortunately, as the ripe old age of 75, my mind has trouble wrapping itself around the concept of raduinos and the programming thereof.  I have decided that I probably need to start with a transceiver that doesn't take so much of a technical education so need to find a new home for my ubitx.  It is a V3 purchased in May of this year, serial number looks like 88115.  It is currently installed in a maroon case from amateurradiokits.in.  Price shipped to you would be $140.00, and if you also desire a new Uniden BC645 electret mic, that could add $13.00 to the cost for $153.00 total.
Anyone interested?

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