Ubitx will be here tomorrow. Any suggestions for a Bitx newbie #ubitx


I took the plung and ordered the Ubitx last Thursday. It will be delivered tomorrow.  Any suggestions for must have mods? I am a newbie to the bitx world but have had a little experience with the Arduino Uno and Nextian displays. I am stealing a 3.5 basic nextion from another arduino project (A digital display for a couple of boatanchor rigs I own, I switched out the TN1638 7 segment displays since the look more retro). I have downloaded the latest KD8CEC htm files and installed them on the nextion and it looks good. I have also ordered some Nano's to have around and plan on using 1 for the new KD8CEC AGC/spectral display expansion to his nextion firmware. 
Thanks in advance

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