Re: experience with Sunil VU3SUA's enclosures #ubitx

Ian Reeve

Have just completed mine to testing stage with just the mic and PTT connection to sort. At the moment are on a screened twin cable from a scrap computer hanging out of the mic socket hole.

Have yet to run a thick cable from -ve input to chassis (after removing paint) and ensuring the main board is properly connected to the case.


Connected a temporary dc input lead,the speaker on twisted wires again from a scrap PC. Connect a dummy load.


Switch magic smoke,Arduino initialises and rig goes into receive.


All good so far.

Letting it sit on receive for a while.


I am not sure I want the 4pin mic connection, I may well wire it up as a 8 pin using the kenwood rig pinout so I can use a range of microphones or just the electret as supplied.




Try a blue display with white letters, suits my blue mBitx case very nicely. They are cheap and interchangeable 2 rows by 16 characters each row.

Adjust the blue preset behind the display pcb for best overall readability,by default mine was set a bit high and needed reducing.

The bicolour led Red for tx,Green for rx have two resistors to limit the current draw. I started with 1.6K but the led is a bit bright so will increase this value,trying 2.2K first and then finding the optimum value by experiment.


Buying the uBITX case with its additional pcbs made wire up easy and I used Molex KK connectors and made everything plug in at both ends (except the volume control)


Very Pleased so far, after leaving it working for a few hours I will then progress to connecting a mic and PTT. For reasons of safety I always run these rigs into a dummy load incise they unexpectedly go into transmit as some seem to do.


So like Bo W4GHV I am well pleased.

Mine is V3 2017 serial no. 5017 taken from the board.


Thankyou to all at HF Signals.



Ian Reeve M0IDR


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Wow. Perfectly satisfied with mine.
I did remove paint a couple places to insure the case was grounded. No biggie.
A LOT of effort and material for a tiny price in my opinion.
73, Bo W4GHV since '54

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