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Sorry . your name is  missing - It is hardly surprising that your software cannot import gerbers, which are simply a set of instructions for an industry standard PCB mafr process from the sixties.  Essentially it has to convert a physical layout back into a schematic.  It has no idea what the active devices were, just their footprints..Imagine a DS board with components mounted both sides. I has to convert that back to a design file at 100 percent accuracy. And some industrial PCBs are laminated up and have say 8 layers. It  would have to convert that back flawlessly.  (Just because someone wanted to reverse engineer something after losing the design file or for Industrial piracy reasons.)

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Re: [BITX20] ND6T AGC and Click kit wiring notes

Hi, I have been trying to get some software to produce the layout from a Gerber file, but I keep getting companies who will make a PCB from a .Gbr file. Is that the way to go? I use DesignSpark by RS for board design but there is no provision to import .Gbr. There is provision to export. Thanks


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Well done Kees and thanks. I agree the moment has come to call "Time". Having the gerbers available will enable others to have boards produced if required, including future group buys.


Bill, VK7MX

On 1/08/2018 1:20 AM, Kees T wrote:
A total of 864 AGC and/or Click mini-kits have been shipped so far. This is way more than i expected but that's OK .....popular circuits Don, ND6T, came up with.  Presently, I have about 20 AGC boards left from the last EasyEDA board order and about 100 Click boards left. It's been fun but it's time for me to do something else (like the SWR/Power meter as described earlier).

The new Ver 4 uBITX boards have the Click problem fixed. Therefore, after the last available AGC mini-kits have been sold/shipped, I'm going to quit and pass the torch to someone else. Order rates have dropped off some, so maybe everyone who wanted a mini-kit has one ??

The AGC board and Click board Gerbers have been uploaded to the files section under my call.

"On order" and "shipped" information is available in the "Files" section under my call.

73 Kees K5BCQ

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