Re: The dreaded LSB and USB swap problem again



We are using KC8CEC's firmware 1.08 or above along with KC8CEC's uBitx Memory Manager to tweak the calibration settings. If you used the stock firmware to set your calibration you are probably out in no man's land. Mine was so far out I couldn't get control of it until upgraded the firmware and used the memory manager, then it's relatively easy once you figure out that the mystery Master Calibration number in the memory manager doesn't mean anything, you just keep changing it one way or the other from the the base settings until you get the results you want. Others have accomplished calibration by other means that i didn't understand, like the zero beat method which never worked for me. The calibration process is the weak link in the whole uBitx design, we keep adding all these awesome features to the firmware while the Cal process stays broken, IMO.


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