Re: The dreaded LSB and USB swap problem again

dan magers

Where is this "master cal" to be found?  I have a uBITX V4.3 stock that is way out based in what I'm hearing.  
Perhaps the BITX20 is entirely different.  

I'm not very familiar with the Raduino so, go easy.  


On Jul 30, 2018, at 3:34 PM, Joel Caulkins <caulktel@...> wrote:


Nobody was ever able to explain to me what that Master Calibration number represents, so I never knew what number to add or subtract to nudge it one way way or the other, so I decided to change it by a large amount to see what direction it moved. My Master Cal number was 161675 to start with, so I changed it to 131675 and the frequency dropped by about 200Hz, wrong direction, so I added the same amount to 161675 which resulted in 191675 and that got it almost perfect, then I just nudged it up a little at a time until I settled on 191700. Now I'm within a few Hz. Sorry I cant be more specific, you just have to keep playing with the numbers until you get it where you want it. Really, that Master Cal number makes no sense to me at all.


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