uBitx for sale

K4LXY <zehrhj2@...>

uBitx assembled and in a nice case with built-in speaker. All cables to front and back panels have connectors for easy removal. I have added an internal BCI filter, updated the audio amp IC and made the sidetone volume adjustable.  A muting circuit has been added to eliminate audio pop when switching between receive and transmit.  The latest KD8CED firmware – v1.8 – is installed. 

I have only used this on cw. A mic comes with it, and the output shows modulation on SSB, but from the discussion on this group, it may need a mic preamp to get full power output. I have not tried it on the air with SSB.


Selling this to move on to new projects.

$100 plus shipping.  For another $20, will include a Hi-Per-Mite audio filter module that makes it much more useable on cw.  Email for external photos.

73 Howard

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