Re: Receive pitch shifts when confirming.... #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino

Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

Now that you are on frequency you can adjust again the BFO. BFO frequency differs from unit to unit depending on the filter passband. If the pitch on receive is too low you should increase your BFO frequency, or lower it if the pitch is too high. From your IF shift required I guess your pitch is low. Play with BFO (carrier) frequency a little and see if you can get the sound you like.
My RV1 setting is about 90% and I get 12 W on 80, 10 W on 40, 7 W on 20. Power out drops to 1.2W at 28.4 MHz. All those powers are CW, key down, not SSB, measured into a dummy load using the power meter on a MFJ antenna tuner.
This has been discussed a lot and is the result of components used. You can try some of the hardware mods and find what works for you. Mine is stock, running at 12.8 V provided by a linear, 6 A capable power supply.
On SSB my power was low, so I had to increase the microphone amplifier gain.
I did not measure the carrier suppression, so I have no reference number for you.
I hope this help.



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