Re: uBITx V3 Stuck in Transmit #ubitx


If it is a continuos carrier the check for short of blue wire. It should have 5V through the 4.7K resistor.


At 29/07/2018, you wrote:
Hello All
I have built my uBITX V3 into one of Sunil's [VU3SUA] metal boxs as per instructions supplied.
I powered it on to test, and I see the raduino loads the software, but then immediately it goes into CW transmit.
Well I was surprised, as I had taken note of the WARNING in section 3.3 "Wiring up the CW Key" and note that I indeed have the 4k7 pull-up resistor installed.
I have doubled checked all wiring, measured the resistor to make sure I have the correct value, and cannot find anything wrong.

Has anyone else had a problem like his, and how did you fix it?
Anyone have good pointer to look at?
Kind Regards
Rodger - ZL1RAH

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