Re: Don't discount the rotary encoder as being at issue

RICHARD <k6kwq@...>

What is the part number for the non-detent

one from Digikey?

Thanks K6KWQ


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Subject: Re: [BITX20] Don't discount the rotary encoder as being at issue
Richard et. al.,
I'll have to admit having egg all over my face - my encoder wasn't defective at all, but it was wired incorrectly!  I have one of the Amateur Radio Kits.IN cases which should have made the UBITX wiring straightforward, but I somehow messed up the connections on the front panel board that contains the wiring for the volume control, mic jack, the 1/8 inch PTT Mic, phones and key jacks and the rotary encoder.
After tracing the little bit of wiring on that board for the encoder and correcting it, the encoder now works properly.  I do have another question, however.  The knob on my encoder is really sloppy in a radial manner, as if the switch shaft is too small inside the bushing for the encoder housing.  Does the new encoder from DigiKey have less play?  If so, I would probably replace the encoder just to eliminate the "excessive play" in the shaft.

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