Re: Receive pitch shifts when confirming.... #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino



I managed to get my uBITX on frequency today.  Just used the MM and figured if it was 250Hz off @143000 and 1000Hz off at 166250...then I split the difference
by 3 and subtracted that from 143000 to get 135,250 (which is the magic number for my radio).

The 10 meter band is right on now according to my K3.

Now I just wish the receive would sound  a little cleaner. Are you satisfied how yours sounds? Mine seems better if I lower the IF by 250Hz (IF-250).

Also the TX output is terrible on the higher freq bands and carrier null is bad on the lower bands.

What is potentiometer RV1 for tx drive? Mine is all the way up.

Thanks for your help and being patient with me:)

73's Michael

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