Re: Accidental Calibrate #ubitx #calibration


Hi Guys, just a short update on my Tune-up problems.
It seems that the main issue I have here is that the instructions provided by HF Signals do not align with the actual menu on the uBitx.
Part 2 of the Tune-Up instructions are for aligning the Master Clock. It advises to go to an AM broadcast signal of known frequency. If NOT zero beat then click on encoder button again  and a new option "Set Calibration" will be displayed. This is a photo of what's displayed.

When I click to enter this option it does not give me the option of adjusting to Zero Beat, but instructs me to go to Exactly 10Mhz. per the photo here.
When I press the PTT, it TX's on 10Mhz and displays this on LCD.
When I rotate the encoder it increments the 0 digit on the top right corner. But its a blind adjustment, no feedback on adjustment until you back out of the Calibration and back to a known frequency.
It is not possible to realistically and accurately adjust the clock with this method. 
What am I missing? This is extremely frustrating. 

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