Re: Receive pitch shifts when confirming.... #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino


Hi Ion,

Finally had a chance to try your method.
First off I used your initial settings above and everything sounded great (BFO=11997200) but the VFO was 1KHz high at 28.4 MHz.


Second I tried your cal method and was able to zero beat voice was very shallow (transmitting from my K3's memory).
These are the values that came up:     

     Master    131250
     LSB         -1
     USB        111995650   (BFO)   not good....but why did this happen?  This is why is sound so shallow or narrow.
     SideT      -1

I also noticed that with the KD8CEC Manager I can hit reset and that is the same thing as removing the power (power plug and USB plug). Much easier.

Now do you or anyone else know why I am not getting the correct bandpass setting. If I go to 11997 is sounds terrible with those settings.

Thank you,

Michael n2zdb

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