Re: uBITX How to wire key jack for paddles?


Hi Kevin

This is the circuit from for straight key and iambic key.

I have avoided the straight key jack by wiring a stereo plug with the straight key wire connected to the DIT contact. (In my case it is the ring as I have a left handed iambic key). I am using Ian's 1.08 firmware version which allows you to select straight key or iambic key. Just plug in the appropriate key and away you go.

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Subject: Re: [BITX20] uBITX How to wire key jack for paddles?
Hi Ashar,
in your previous message on this post you said, "from the key jack, a 2.2K to the dot padde, a 10K to the dash paddle"
where do they go on the other side of each resistor..Perhaps you could make a schematic ?

kevin rea
lancaster, calif. usa

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