Re: latest ubitx manger ??


Kevin : 

I am not aware of a newer version of the uBITX manager than what you are currently using.
I scanned the link that was provided in response to your posting and I didn't see anything there.

I think that the root of your problem is perhaps captured in the following line of your original posting : 

"i found a version: 1.081, but it cannot read from my stock ubitx board."

If you are still using the original sketch that came preloaded on the Raduino with the uBITX then
that explains your problem.  There has to be something in the Raduino code for the uBitx manager to
talk to and that simply doesn't exist in Farhan's version of the code as it predates the uBITX manager.

What you need to do is to upgrade the sketch on the Raduino first to use KD8CEC's sketch and then use the uBITX manager to talk to it.
The first thing you should do is save the configuration data to  a file, in case you muck something up later and need to revert back to it.  

By loading in KD8CECs code you won't mess with any existing calibration settings so don't worry about this. 


Michael VE3WMB 

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