Re: uBITX Increasing 28 Mhz output by changing C81 #ubitx-help


Allison :

Thanks for your comments.  I will consider them for a future round of mods (I do have a pile of 2n2222a's). 
I am actually pretty much OK with the power out that I have at the moment, I was just hoping to even it out a bit with a 
couple of simple component changes. 

I think I am getting about 3w out on 20m with 12+v in and the difference between that and 5W is 40m not worth worrying about.
Also 1W out on 10m is not something I am going to have to be very concerned about until propagation significantly improves on that band,
with an upswing in the sunspot cycle. Realistically 1 W and a wet noodle for an antenna is all you need to work the world on
10m anyway, when it is open. 

I think that it is time to start thinking about the logistics of getting my rig into a permanent enclosure.  


Michael VE3WMB 

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