Re: si5351a CLK drive levels in uBITX #ubitx


Allison et al :

I am not sure where I got the dBm numbers corresponding to the si5351a level settings, but I found them written in my notebook when I was looking 
back for something else I noted. Yes I certainly didn't take into consideration the attenuators before the mixers, that makes it into a whole different

I am currently running the KD8CEC V1.095 beta with a Nextion display tacked on so until Ian releases this code and puts it in GITHUB
I don't have any access to source code to play with the settings myself. I am anxious to see how much this might  improve the sensitivity on the 
higher bands as my uBITX seems very "quiet" on 20m and up. 

From what I remember seeing in the code, it appears that the output level parameter for the clocks gets sent to the si5351a every time that there is a change in frequency.
If this is the case then there is even the option of varying the level according to dial frequency, if that is desirable (i.e. cranking it up so that there is more gain
on the higher frequencies).


Michael VE3WMB 

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