Re: Mike element

Jerry Gaffke

You might need a bigger hole.

There's significant variation on transmit gain between different uBitx's.
I'd guess much of this is in the 45mhz IF, but could be any of a dozen different places.
On some, a Baofeng mike just works.
You can tweak the mike preamp if you need more gain per post
Or add an external preamp.
Though be aware that this may aggravate Allison's spur when operating above 20m
if your gain issue is not in the mike or mike pre-amp.


On Tue, Jul 24, 2018 at 06:52 AM, Ken Held KF7DUR wrote:

I have 3 or 4 of the Baofeng mics from different sources, as well as a variety of mic elements.  When I was trying to get them to sound good on the Baofeng radio I concluded that the housing caused them to sound bad. The mics sounded good out of the housing but got muffled when the housing was closed up.
The Baofeng mics did have a hole over the element, I even drilled it out a bit to see if that would help the sound quality. I never did get the mics to sound good.
The -24dB element I used for my uBitX mic is the larger size element but it fits snugly in the housing. I think that may take care of the sound quality issue I had.

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