Re: uBITX HF transceiver and blue MBITX metal case.

Bill Cromwell

Hi Ian,

My first wild guess about that 9-pin D sub is the old serial port rig control. Most of us have been forced to abandon that for USB but some of us still have radios with those. Hams who have radios with the old serial ports and computers without - or - radios with only USB ports and computers with only serial ports have to go out of their way with kludge adapters. If your station does not use that old-time infrastructure just ignore that D opening. Maybe yours has a different purpose. It's there if you can find use for it.

I have a radio that uses the D-shell connector for old style T-R switching from the computer. None of my computers have those any more. I installed a vox circuit for use with fldigi. The D-connector just sits there with no duties any more. I could buy an adapter to avoid building and mounting the vox unit. One more thing and it's cables to manage.


Bill KU8H

On 07/23/2018 05:20 PM, Ian Reeve wrote:
At a recent Radio Rally in the UK I happened acrosss a unbuilt uBITX kit
and matching metal case.
The case is punched for a tx/rx bi-colour led and thanks to this group I
have found the wiring needed for this.
The case also comes with small pcb for the led,for the tuning
encoder,for the power and fuse assembly and for the three jack plugs,
mic/ptt,key and phones.

It also came with a Digital board that fixes to the rear of the case.
There is no information on this board or its wiring, it contains 2 jack
sockets, a USB and a 9pin D Sub.

Any help would be appreciated on the latter item.
Thankyou and 73 de Ian M0IDR
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