Re: Inexpensive eBay Amplifier Kits

Mike aka KC2WVB <rb5363@...>

I ordered the $12 tuner kit from the same supplier as these 70 watt/100 watt amps being discussed. I considered the $18 amp but took a pass because too many other chores to do. I am glad I did take a pass. I say this because indeed as commented elsewhere this company gives you absolutely no schematic for the build. Glad I bought just a tuner because that is simple to construct minus plans. The amp would have been a PIA without a schematic. On the other hand it did arrive fairly soon, about 2-3 weeks and the parts are pretty decent.

On Wed, Jul 11, 2018, 6:42 PM <ulf.jagfors@...> wrote:
I ordered this PA and a low pass filter board three month ago. The items have not arrived. During several weeks I have now had email discussion throw ebay with this  trader to either send me a replacement or refund me. That has not worked out. The trader did NOT use any registred postal shipment which makes it impossible to trace the shipment. He did not even had my postal address when we discuss a replacement shipment. My advice. Do not buy anything from traders who do not use registred postal service. Do not use traders who has a US-warning on the PayPal service.
This PA will come without any schematics or essembly instruction something that is common for all DIY item from China. Don´t expect hem to send you any info after shipment. Luckely there are a number of instructions on the net which might help you to assembly this type of constructions. Many PA constructions from China seems to suffer from instability. Some of them use re-used outdated final transistors. They are cheap so you get what you pay for. Check on the net for people who has dealt with the DIY item you intend to buy before order. 
I have instead bought a ready assembled PA fully linear within .5 dB for 1.0-30 MHz- Input 100 mV and output 30-40 class AB SSB from Russia. Check RV3YF WEB site for more info and order instructions. Fast delivery with schematics. You need to add your own heatzink. He also have some interesting  s-meter and SWR display which I intend to add to the uBITX.

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