Re: Receive pitch shifts when confirming.... #ubitx #ubitx-help #arduino

Ion Petroianu, VA3NOI

I will explain what I did and it worked for me.
Turn ON the radio with the function (encoder push button) pressed and hold it.
Watch the screen for messages to reset to factory defaults.
Last thing it will ask you is to turn off the radio and back on again (power reset). Do it. Connect your antenna.
You are now at the beginning of the calibration.
Go to settings and enable them (if the message on the screen reads "setup on? press the encoder push switch).
Set the radio on 30m (10.100 MHz) and rotate the encoder until you are on 10.000 MHz
Press the encoder again and now, after "exit menu?" you will have more options in the menu. 
First option in setup menu, after "Exit menu?" is "Set Calibration?". Select that and zero beat the carrier. You have to spend some time there until you hear the voice and the voice should sound decent. When you are happy with the result press PTT and after a second or two do a power reset (Radio off and on again).
Select a band where you have activity and tune to a station that is not very strong.
Enable again Setup menu as above. Enter setup and go to "Set the BFO". Select that option by pressing the encoder push switch.
Your BFO frequency should be around 11.997 MHz. Adjust the BFO to get the natural sound. Press PTT when you are happy with the result and do a last power reset.
Try to find a broadcast SW station (in my case I can hear a broadcast station on 7.210 MHz in the evenings). Check that you cannot hear the carrier and there is no difference in the reception sound if you switch the mode from LSB to USB.
It only took me 10 minutes to have it done and I am happy with the result.
Good luck and 73,


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